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Choosing your wedding Celebrant, top tips.

Six key questions to ask your Celebrant in that first call?

Not sure where to start? Save valuable time by asking the right questions to choose the appropriate Celebrant for your wedding celebration? Here are my top six questions to ask and make sure you get the best from your initial discovery call.

1 How much will your services cost and is there a cancellation policy?

An experienced Celebrant won’t be put off by this question and will have a good idea of how much your dream ceremony will cost. By the end of the call, they should be able to give you a guide price so you can start to make your final decision. Generally, there is a cancellation policy, and this will also be explained on request, always ask!

2 How many weddings do you do in a day?

A Celebrant led wedding focuses on you and your wedding ceremony that day, you are their total focus. Concentrating on “just” your wedding ceremony on the day enables an independent Celebrant to be totally flexible on timings, e.g. if someone important is delayed getting to your ceremony, they can work around this, to ensure they don’t miss your special day! Unlike a council registrar who is employed to fit in as many ceremonies as they can daily, allowing no room for flexibility.

3 Can you assist in writing our wedding vows?

Absolutely! The words you exchange on your wedding day will stay with you a lifetime, so they need to be crafted beautifully and special to you. Your vows should be unique to you and your love story, not full of impersonal, legal jargon. Well written vows will enhance your ceremony and can make you laugh and cry (in a good way!). They reflect your lifetime commitment to each other. With a Celebrant led wedding ceremony your Celebrant will guide you to write the most meaningful and beautiful words, or they can write your vows for you, it is your choice.

4 How do you make our wedding ceremony personal?

One of the best ways to make your ceremony completely unique is to include a symbolic element that reflects you both as a couple. This could be a Ring Warming or an ancient ceremony of Handfasting, a Wine or Cocktail ceremony or a beautiful Unity Candle ceremony. For a garden wedding, why not add a symbolic tree planting ceremony. There are so many ways to make your ceremony special to you.

5 What happens if our Celebrant is unwell on the day?

Check your celebrant belongs to a wider community of independent celebrants and then if illness becomes an issue, your wedding celebration will still happen with a likeminded celebrant who will be able to officiate in a similar way.

6 Can we meet face to face?

Whilst lots of information can be exchanged by email or WhatsApp nothing is better than meeting face to face at your chosen venue to start the process of getting you know you. Your celebrant with take time to get to know you both and by the time of your wedding day, they will be your “professional friend” on the day, making sure the wedding celebration is everything you wish for and calming any last-minute wedding day jitters.

Best of luck with those calls!

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